English summary

Hoj-O-Mat could translate to Bike-&-Food. All transports are by bike only and all food is always vegan with some or much oragnic ingredients.

Food is both catering for ca 1-25 people, preferably stuff that does not have to be heated or kept warm. The food part is also self made vegan products such as: Tempeh, cheese, spreads, hummus, seitansteak, Mesyr (a sticky and sweet spread inspired by Messmör and a bit smiliar to peanut butter), yoghurt, a weekly lunchbox, lentilburgers and kroppkakor (white balls with fried tempeh inside…eh, just google it: kroppkakor)
In summertime Hoj-O-Mat operates a mobile bike café 1-2 days of the week in central Umeå. At times also present at local fesivals.

The bike part of the company name also refers to fixing bikes as a mobile mechanic. Hoj-O-Mat repairs that bike of yours where ever it might be in town. Common repairs like punctures, change of tires, fixing spokes, 1-8 gears, chains, replacing saddles, adjusting brakes etc. For stuff that is rather complicated like fixing the internal hubs and getting complex spares, please contact a staionary workshop instead.